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December Inspiration

As the mummy of a boisterous, beautiful nearly two year old little gentleman, I try to fill our days with as much warmth, love, sunshine, and happiness as infinitely possible.

nov inspiration art fashion1 December Inspiration

Singing, dancing, watching, running, playing, swimming, talking, eating. And did I mention lots and lots of twinkle twinkle little star? There is so much to do; so much to learn; so much to experience. As a mummy, a designer and / or whatever your daily activities might encompass it is important to remain inspired.

The inspiration board from my latest artwork series is definitely a reflection of my current state of mind. With Summer now upon us, we are spending our days delighting in all of the simple pleasures; the joy of beautiful blue skies; warm air; frequent trips to the pool; soaking up sun rays; and enjoying quality time with family and friends. The holidays are coming and it truly is the most beautiful time of year.

So right now my inspiration board looks a little like this…

nov inspiration art fashion2 December Inspiration

nov inspiration art fashion3 December Inspiration

What is inspiring you this December? xx

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Pinpointing One’s Style

Pre-Maxie I was quite certain of what my style encapsulated. I loved high-waisted skirts and little lace dresses; blouses with ruffles and headbands with bows – overtly detailed and feminine pieces were my favourite. The pieces I coveted were perfect for an office environment or romantic dinner date – but playing in the park with an active toddler = not so much.

2014 your style Pinpointing One’s Style

How would you describe your style?

Out of necessity I have had to redress my wardrobe quite a few times since having Maxie. The first adjustment with a newborn baby was for comfort, ease and a new body shape. The second came a couple of months later as my body began to change once again. And now I feel another review is in order. I need a wardrobe that suits my lifestyle in caring for an extremely active toddler but also enables me to still capture my own unique style.

So before I begin to readdress my look, I think it is imperative I determine what exactly it is I want my style to tell the world.

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Walking On Sunshine

Summer is nearly here {well it is for all of you Northern Hemisphere lovelies anyway!}, and to celebrate those days of endless sunshine, here is my list of 5 items to refresh your wardrobe for the sizzling season ahead…

2014 summer essentials1 Walking On Sunshine

A Summer state of mind…

Summer means a new wardrobe on rotation. Staying out late. Glowing, fresh skin. Pretty nail polish on your toes. Cocktails by the pool. It’s about joy and fun and laughter. It’s about romance and daydreaming and endless happiness. Most importantly it is about looking and feeling your best.

2014 summer essentials artwork1 Walking On Sunshine

Here are my top 5 items to update in your wardrobe this Summer:

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