Fashion Illustration

Artwork Announcement

I am so pleased to announce that soon on I will be launching a new category of artworks which will be available in both Poster and Postcard format to purchase.

Inspired by vintage fashion photography; stunning old magazine covers; iconic beauty; and bold colour – I cannot wait to share my vision for enhancing beautiful, stylish homes with you.  Making my pieces a little more accessible, I hope to have my artworks hanging in more and more living and work spaces around the world.

I will be posting more artwork previews {available in both Poster and Postcard} format over the coming week. I cannot wait to share them with you! In the meantime, here is a glimpse at my inspiration…

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Love Cara xx

Editor’s Letter

Mission Statement

Taking a 6 week hiatus from Uptown Twirl, has given me the time to carefully consider and gain a fresh perspective on what its future will entail.

Becoming a first time mum and now working on my artwork collections daily, means that like never before every second of time is precious.

When I started Uptown Twirl in June 2010, I was very much bright eyed and bushy tailed about the whole process. Uptown Twirl was my baby and I was certain it would bring me all the fashion success and happiness I so longingly desired. My articles were going to be high-quality fashion content and most importantly be informative, inspiring and helpful to women around world.

Yet like any Writer or Blogger will know, finding topics of inspiration on a daily basis to feed your creation (when you have already worked 12hr days) is an often times challenging, time consuming and exhausting debacle. The constant need for content creation; long hours spent sourcing imagery; and various social media platforms which need to be updated daily (if not hourly); have over the past few months quite honestly left me flat.

Taking this time out has reinvigorated my desire to publish quality fashion content on topics that I love and find most inspiring. So from now on, Uptown Twirl will only encompass the ideas and articles I am most passionate about.

And shortly I will be merging both my and websites together. Uptown Twirl will remain my blog while I continue to expand and grow my online store with fresh new pieces.

My mission is now to create an inspiring and unique fashion browsing experience. To inspire a way of living that extends beyond what you hang on your walls. A celebration of fashion, beauty and style.

Love Cara xx

Editor’s Letter


Dear Lovely Readers,

As you will have seen Uptown Twirl has been a little quiet lately…

As many of you may have suspected, on Monday the 14th of January, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little baby boy into the world.

Maximilian Paul Gray {affectionately known as Maxie} was born at 16:16 and weighed just over 7pounds. We have spent the past week in complete awe of him and have loved every second of our new little family life.

As we settle into our new routine, Uptown Twirl posts will return to normal over the coming days.

Lots and Lots of Love

Cara xx

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