Pinpointing One’s Style

Pre-Maxie I was quite certain of what my style encapsulated. I loved high-waisted skirts and little lace dresses; blouses with ruffles and headbands with bows – overtly detailed and feminine pieces were my favourite. The pieces I coveted were perfect for an office environment or romantic dinner date – but playing in the park with an active toddler = not so much.

How would you describe your style?

Out of necessity I have had to redress my wardrobe quite a few times since having Maxie. The first adjustment with a newborn baby was for comfort, ease and a new body shape. The second came a couple of months later as my body began to change once again. And now I feel another review is in order. I need a wardrobe that suits my lifestyle in caring for an extremely active toddler but also enables me to still capture my own unique style.

So before I begin to readdress my look, I think it is imperative I determine what exactly it is I want my style to tell the world.

Countless times I have enviably read interviews with beautiful stylish ladies from around the world who are able to expertly pin point their style in just a couple of words. I have never quite been able to do this, as I have always been draw to so many different beautiful things. So I would also like to do an ‘edit’ of my style. To have a clear definition of what I can welcome into my wardrobe and what cannot come home. To know myself; know my style; and know the life I want to lead.

These are some of the ideas I would like my style to communicate:

To be practical with an effortless glamour. Exude a timeless quality that has elements of ‘Old-Hollywood’ allure (i.e. think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot, and so on). To be polished; to be feminine; and to be elegant yet have a youthful charm.

While I continue to work on my own style, here are some of the pieces on rotation in my wardrobe right now. My weekday uniform if you will. I can’t go past a button down shirt worn a little loose ‘exuding I borrowed it from my boyfriend chic’. A navy stripe long sleeve tee; simple yet elegant black shift dress; boyfriend jeans; shirt dress for effortless chic.

What are your key wardrobe pieces? xx

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