Finding Your Signature

And not the one you write on paper. I am talking about your hair.
Your signature hair style.

A seemingly small question, yet extremely imperative when determining one’s style – what is your hair conveying to the world about you? Is it neat and tidy? Vibrant and unruly? Natural and elegant? Do you have a defining look – think Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington or even Dita Von Teese – their hair instantly recognisable? Is your signature style an extension of you? Or do you routinely change it up; continually on the hunt for the perfect colour and cut?

As someone who loves to ‘mess’ with her hair, I have had somewhat of a hair epiphany of late; that these extraordinary women may very well be onto something. That having a signature look may not be restrictive or boring at all but iconic and timeless.

I should start by mentioning that what I would consider my ‘signature style’ was inspired a very long time ago. While growing up two of my most adored actresses had short blonde, curly hair: Marilyn Monroe and Drew Barrymore {circa The Wedding Singer / Never Been Kissed}.  And it was with these two blonde beauties my hair fate was sealed. All hair styles outside of this have been experimental.

For me, maintaining my signature bob / lob {long bob} has always been more about convenience and comfort, then necessarily the most flattering style. I will admit there have been several occasions where I have contemplated {should read ‘tried’} growing my hair out, only to reach that awkward messy stage and immediately dialled the hairdresser. And it’s easy. I can wash my hair and bound out the door with minimal hair product for messy curls.

So when it comes to changing my look, it has always been the colour I have resorted to. Variations of blonde {slightly ‘warmer’ for winter / more ‘ash’ for summer}; red {before I started art school to look more creative}; burgundy {just because}; blonde balayage gone wrong {i.e. brown} – have all been tried and tested.

Changing my hair colour is somewhat of a natural high. A new colour to feel shiny and new. A fresh reinvention of my look {even if it was so subtle no one else noticed}. Yet each and every time I dyed my hair to a colour beyond the realm of blonde, I never felt true to my own signature self. For me, bright blonde hair makes me look and feel my best. It even helps me to feel a little ‘sparkly’ when I have had little to no sleep and a ‘not enough time for makeup kind-of morning’. Other hair colours have just looked dull. They have made me feel dull.

So this is how I came to be talking about one’s signature hair style. One too many dyes in the wrong direction. A moment of clarity from my darkest hair moment…

That while I love to change things up, what I really need to do is embrace my signature. To approach hair just like one should approach fashion trends verses timeless pieces. That while these fads may be fun, representing your own signature – that is as unique as you truly are- will lead you to your own style evolution. And to looking and feeling your best every day.

Well this is my plan anyway – to focus on my signature and hopefully be true to myself and my style in the process.

I would love to know do you agree? How did you choose your signature look? Or did it choose you? Or are you still searching for it? xx

2 responses to “Finding Your Signature

  1. Stunning post and photograph, I think having children really made me step up even more than before and many note how glamorous I look (how lovely) but I’ve always had ‘big hair’, red lips and love a floral tea dress and that’s not changed since children have arrived. Classic style that feels me! Thanks for affirming this x

  2. I love that you were inspired by Drew Barrymore. I remember when I first met you in person Cara, my first thought was how much you reminded me of her!

    For me, my hair signature is definitely dark in colour. I play around a bit between having a bob to having long hair. Usually this depends on my hairdresser and how confident I am with their cutting! I have had to change hairdressers a few times over the years due to them moving away or me moving away. If I’m confident with their cutting, I’ll be with a bob. If I am not confident or I’m in between hairdressers, I have it long (as I do now).

    My preferred style is by far a bob in a really dark brown, almost black with a slight blue/violet tone. My hair is super straight and fine so it works well. This is what I would like my signature style to be always!

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