What Is Elegance?

There is something undeniably alluring; enchanting; memorising even about someone with elegance.

It’s seemingly an innate characteristic – a quality that just exudes from some people, like their natural beauty. Yet, while elegance can quite easily be classed as ‘je ne sais quoi’ or something special you just cannot place, it can also be pin pointed to many subtle details. A person’s poise; their style; their words; their manners. It’s a series of things culminating to become this intangible quality – elegance.

And while I have a long way to go before I consider myself truly elegant, here are some of the qualities that instantly come to my mind when I think this enchanting characteristic…

Holding oneself with gumption

How you hold your body – your posture, your walk, your stance, your hand gestures, a certain way of sitting – communicate immeasurable amounts about you to the world.

Knowing when to speak & when to listen

There is something truly beautiful in listening to someone speak eloquently. The way in which the words flow together and follow one another in a charming array of sentences. But it is also about thinking before you speak. Being well read and versed on different subjects. Being able to really listen to what someone is saying and then knowing when and what to say or maybe not saying anything at all.

The art of being polite

Manners are such simple yet such important tools that we take with us into the world. Thank you cards; flowers; or even just a sincere smile to a stranger in an elevator – could make someone’s day. It’s the little things that always make the biggest difference.

Be anything you want to be, but be sincere

Sincerity is key. And it’s blindingly obvious when it’s absent. You can instantly tell when someone genuinely cares to listen to you and is curious about what you have to say. Eye contact, sincere smiles, taking the time to make someone feel heard – whoever they may be – is powerful.

Know yourself & know your style

Clothing has an undeniable impact on elegance. Yet it also goes beyond this. Clean hair, manicured nails, make-up that accentuates and displays your natural beauty – are also characteristics that for me are interconnected with the concept of elegance. Know your style and the person you want to be.

And then there is Audrey Hepburn…

Still, for me, the most charismatic, elegant and truly beautiful person is Audrey Hepburn. Her style, kindness and talent have inspired the world for decades.

So here is to being an ‘Audrey’… my guiding light in style, elegance & beauty.

What does elegance mean to you?  Who do you consider to be truly elegant? xx

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