What I Wore..

Wearing this gorgeous Carla Zampatti dress… my hair actually done; jewellery chosen specifically for my outfit; heels on my feet and not reconsidered at the last minute; and an actual handbag {not a baby nappy bag}… was the first time since mid-pregnancy I felt like myself again {in a fashion sense that is}.

To pin point this, I think it was a feeling of ‘put together’… as each element had been given thought and carefully considered. A sense of composure and confidence in knowing I looked how I wanted to look at that moment.

For me glamour and even more so innate style, is all about the finer details. The tender care that is placed into finding the right earring or those extra minutes taken to ensure your make up is just so. Because for me, style is a delicate combination of elegance and confidence with a splash of je ne sais quo {or something special you cannot quite place}.
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Editor’s Letter

What I Wore…

…was really rather minimal. While I am usually drawn to bold colours and prints, I found it refreshingly delightful sticking to this neutral colour palette.

Camel is one of my favourite neutral tones so when I found this comfortable yet chic light-weight knit from Witchery I brought it straight away. I am also wearing a black lace skirt from Witchery; Mollini heels; and my Prada handbag & sunglasses.  

I have had a delightful evening catching up on some reading & a delicious trip to one of my favourite spots for macaroons and an iced mocha. I think I can say now after having tried many macaroon flavours that Raspberry is my absolute favourite…. but a girl has to be certain of these things, so I shall reaffirm over the weekend with a retest.

What is your favourite neutral tone? xx

Editor’s Letter

What I Wore Today…

This is quite the monumental style post for me as I can honestly say I haven’t worn a pair of trousers for approx. 1 ½ years (well only to the gym – but that doesn’t really count)!

I am usually just a dresses & skirts kinda-gal, but these cigarette-length chinos really caught my eye. So I decided to give trousers another try in my wardrobe. I teamed them with the top & cocktail ring I also brought at Witchery last weekend; my Prada handbag; Mollini heels; & my new orange beret… oh la la!

I must have been in quite the ‘Autumnal mood’ as each purchase I brought home was within this orange / brown / neutral tonal palette. I cannot wait for colder Autumn & Winter weather in Australia now… hello hats, hosiery and gorgeous coats! Oh how I have missed you!

What is your signature weekend look? xx

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