What I Wore..

Wearing this gorgeous Carla Zampatti dress… my hair actually done; jewellery chosen specifically for my outfit; heels on my feet and not reconsidered at the last minute; and an actual handbag {not a baby nappy bag}… was the first time since mid-pregnancy I felt like myself again {in a fashion sense that is}.

To pin point this, I think it was a feeling of ‘put together’… as each element had been given thought and carefully considered. A sense of composure and confidence in knowing I looked how I wanted to look at that moment.

For me glamour and even more so innate style, is all about the finer details. The tender care that is placed into finding the right earring or those extra minutes taken to ensure your make up is just so. Because for me, style is a delicate combination of elegance and confidence with a splash of je ne sais quo {or something special you cannot quite place}.

Daily life is hectic, fast and busy. It can be easy to forget that the little things do make a dramatic difference in how we look and feel. So, here are a few of the little things I do in my life to evoke a feeling of happiness and everyday elegance…

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick isn’t just for romantic diner dates or fancy Fridays. Popping to the corner store; grocery shopping; or even going for ice cream – are great occasions to pull out the Chanel Rouge Coco. A red pout creates instant chic and adds a beautiful composure to any look (no matter how tired you may look or feel).

Signature Jewellery

Signature jewellery pieces build character and describe your personal style to the world. More isn’t always more when it comes to beautiful pieces – especially when they hold special meaning. My signature day-to-day pieces have become – my Hermes bangle (my first Mother’s Day gift); a cluster of silver bangles (a keepsake from our first family overseas trip); diamond stud earrings; a clear crystal Swarovski ring; and of course my wedding and engagement rings.

Beautiful Pyjamas

Beautiful pyjamas are always a good idea. Just ask any of my female family members and they will confirm I always give pyjamas as gifts. Always. And while it may seem tired (no pun intended), for me nothing quite compares to the quiet, subtle luxury of slipping into new a beautiful pair of pjs.

Also I try to..

Buy fresh flowers as often as I can. Have a bubble bath whenever I remember. Walk tall with good posture and a smile. Get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. Greet everyone with positively. Delight in the small things. Spray my signature perfume proudly. Be sure to moisturise.

These are some of my key things to feeling fabulous. What are yours?

Cara xx

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  1. You look utterly stunning Cara, so elegant and glamorous. I adore yellow on you! I too wear red lipstick daily (Mac’s Lady Danger) is my secret to combating sleep deprivation. Creme de la Mer moisturizer never lets me down and I also keep daily jewellery simple so engagement, eternity and wedding rings plus a stunning sapphire and diamond ring and bracelet given to me by my husband and Mum after the birth of Alexander.

    You are so right about PJ’s too, you’re making me want to and buy some more now!

    Stunning post!

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