What I Wore..

Wearing this gorgeous Carla Zampatti dress… my hair actually done; jewellery chosen specifically for my outfit; heels on my feet and not reconsidered at the last minute; and an actual handbag {not a baby nappy bag}… was the first time since mid-pregnancy I felt like myself again {in a fashion sense that is}.

To pin point this, I think it was a feeling of ‘put together’… as each element had been given thought and carefully considered. A sense of composure and confidence in knowing I looked how I wanted to look at that moment.

For me glamour and even more so innate style, is all about the finer details. The tender care that is placed into finding the right earring or those extra minutes taken to ensure your make up is just so. Because for me, style is a delicate combination of elegance and confidence with a splash of je ne sais quo {or something special you cannot quite place}.
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Editor’s Letter

What I Wore Today…

I had been saving this dress for a rainy day… & today was the day I finally decided to bring it out of the closet

I purchased this dress nearly a year ago {on the same shopping trip that saw me buy my Carla Zampatti ball gown for the Alex Perry AEIOU event}. I love it, but have never quite found the perfect occasion to wear it. So I just decided it was time to stop waiting and wear it somewhere!

The 50’s shape is so divine and I adore the netting and the layers of silk chiffon in the skirt. It’s so fun and whimsical – perfect for twirling!

I wore my Carla Zampatti cocktail dress with my Mollini heels and Prada handbag.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! xx

Editor’s Letter

Alex Perry Charity Gala – Part1

What I Wore…

On Friday night I attended the Alex Perry Charity Gala for the AEIOU Foundation.

And to the occasion I wore a beautiful, fairytale-like evening gown by Carla Zampatti.

Now in its sixth year, the Alex Perry Charity Gala for the AEIOU Foundation was held on Friday on the Rotunda Lawn, overlooking the Marina at Sanctuary Cove.

Alex Perry, also known as the ‘King of Couture’, is renowned for his spectacular evening gowns and whimsical red carpet glamour. Unveiling his Cuban Princess collection at the event, the night evoked simmering Havana – bright colours, floral prints and sequin embellishment – bringing his Cuban inspiration to life.  

About The AEIOU Foundation
The AEIOU Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation in Queensland. It is an early education program for children, aged between two-and-a-half to five years, who have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To find out more information about the AEIOU Foundation, please visit:

It was a wonderful evening – chatting with Mr Alex Perry; viewing his sensational Cuban Princess Collection; and most importantly supporting this great cause.

Gorgeous photos of Alex Perry’s Cuban Princess runway show coming soon… xx