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Out Of Africa 

Isabel Lucas becomes wild at heart for Vogue Australia’s December issue.

Meerkats and bunnies get me every time for their adorable sweetness. It was the above shot of Isabel Lucus surrounded by meerkat cuteness that first captured my attention. Her wardrobe mix of ladylike chic and electric prints kept me hooked.

Shot in the Kalahari Desert by Max Doyle, Isabel Lucas shines in looks from Prada, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger and more. With a slight 60’s edge, I adore the Prada cotton blend coat and sweet check dress (pictured below). I especially adore the Louis Vuitton hatbox! Timeless perfection!

p.s. Now planning a trip to Africa just to sit amongst those adorable meerkats!

Happy Sunday! xx


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4 responses to “Fashion Editorial Love

  1. I love that you bring fashion, couture, and culture to us Western beauties without jet setting to the UK or filling our shelves with more magazines! Love love love! Can’t wait for!

  2. Oh those Meerkats totally melt your heart don’t they!?! After I stopped gushing over them I realised I loved every outfit in this post… Especially image no. 3… That pink trim coat, that grid print dress… the whole outfit is to die for!! Now back to the Meerkats!! ;)

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