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Fashion Trends – Fall 2011

Hats On For Fall…

Keep your head toasty warm in ultra chic style for Fall 2011

As the Designers’ accessory of choice for Fall, hats instantly add that extra pizzazz to any outfit…

So far, the Fall 2011 collections have offered an exquisite range of Hats in every shape, texture, colour and style. Whether you desire the neon brights at Sass & Bide; furry animals at Anna Sui; statement-making velvet at Malandrino or a sophisticated Cloche at Ralph Lauren – there is a hat to suit every head for Fall!

Will you make a statement with a darling hat this Fall? xx

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5 responses to “Fashion Trends – Fall 2011

  1. I’ve always shied away from hats, having never found one that I felt really suited me. Maybe I’ll give them another shot come autumn…

    One style I will definitely still steer clear of is the Sass & Bide look. I understand the tribal and almost ancient Egyptian references, but in those hues they look very much like the top of giant lipstick bullets!

  2. those hats are amazing. im loving those mini-berets at marc jacobs. i love any kind of hat! this is an awesome post.

    please help me continue to spread the word about voting for Gabrielle in the Levi’s Girl competition. we can vote everyday until wednesday. i need all the votes i can get!

    thanks. xxoo

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