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Cute, Stylish & Comfortable Alternative to Heels

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At the Autumn / Winter 2010 collections, a range of foot wear trends started to appear on the catwalks – from riding boots to socks under heels and bright colour-blocked heels. One shoe trend that I am particularly excited about is the shorter mid-height heels. Seen at Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Valentino and more – these mid-height heels will keep you looking oh-so chic while saving your feet.


If you are like me and lust after seriously gorgeous heels, but are not particularly fond of walking around for hours on end in them… this catwalk offering may be a god send. I cannot wait to get started wearing this trend this coming season! 

Kitten Heels in the form of sling-backs to cute mary jane styles made a sweet alternative to platform heels. If you would prefer to toughen the look up, Valentino’s black strappy version with punky looking studs, can completely change any pre-concieved ideas you may have about this new  trend. 

But I would love to hear from you. Will you be taking your super high heels off in favour of these cute, stylish alternatives? Please post your comments below…. 

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  1. I have always been reluctant to buy mid-height high heels and always end up putting them back on the shelf in shoe stores. I feel like the appeal of heels is the shape that a high heel makes in the shoe itself and in the wearer. A mid-height high heel doesn’t seem to hold that appeal. I’m super tall and yet I still go for the sky-high heels!
    Having said that those mark jacobs mary-jane heels pictured are starting the change my mind about mid-height heels!



    I usually do not wear high heels, cause they’re just impossible!
    I have been wanting to see such versatile shoes for a while and these are absolutely the type of thing I like, they will be so popular for thier comfort and style factor!

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