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Uptown Twirl Competition

Remember To Enter The Reiss Comp

The Reiss Clutch competition will be drawn in an Uptown Twirl Video on December 1st 2010, so be sure to enter soon! 

How To Enter:

Please complete one of the three criteria below to enter the Uptown Twirl Leopard Clutch competition: 

    Please add Uptown Twirl to your BlogRoll.
    Please suggest the Uptown Twirl Facebook page to your friends (anything from a couple of girlfriends who you feel would like Uptown Twirl to your entire address book – we would be truly grateful).
    Please mention Uptown Twirl (including the web address) in one of your blog posts.
  4. Then…
    Once you have completed criteria either 1,2 or 3; please visit the Uptown Twirl CONTACT page and complete the enquiry form. In the ‘Comments/Enquiry’ field, be sure to enter your blog details and what criteria you have chosen to complete. If you decide to fulfil more than one criteria, please let us know. 

    Good Luck! xx

    10 responses to “Uptown Twirl Competition

    1. Just wondering if there was a video I missed announcing the winner? I just saw the bag in the sale on the Reiss site and remembered this competition!

    2. Hi Becky, The competition was won by Gabriela Mot. But there will be more competitions coming soon!

      And as a thank you to everyone who entered not only will you automatically be entered into the next Giveaway, you are also eligible for a personal drawing (as seen in the Photo gallery on facebook). Please click on the ‘Contact’ button and send me an email if you would like one…

      If you have already sent a headshot your Uptown Twirl Girl picture is already underway :-) xx

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