My Summer Love List

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This summer I have been indulging in many delicious pleasures from fashion to food, travel and fun. My top things I cannot resist this summer:

The Style of January Jones ala Betty Draper
January Jones’ transformation as the stylish Betty leaves my fashion senses speechless! Channelling Grace Kelly, Betty is always perfectly polished and dressed to perfection.

Betty’s 1950’s full skirts, pearls and beautiful luscious red lips are perfectly connected with the celebration of women that swept across the Autumn / Winter 2010 shows. Louis Vuitton and Prada celebrated the female curves and sent a kiss to this stylish time in fashion history.  At his “And God Created Woman” collection for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs said: “Ah, women, women, women… we wanted to celebrate the beautiful intrinsic value and the joy of being a woman”.

Lola’s Cupcakes
I adore these delicious, gorgeous cupcakes. They are always so exquisitely iced in lovely colours, sparkly glitter and sprinkles. These delicacies are also a marvellous excuse to venture into Selfridges or Harrods (if you needed another that is).

I don’t know what it is about cupcakes. It may be nostalgic memories of childhood, dreams of picturesque afternoon garden tea parties or just how pretty they truly are. Whatever the reasoning they make me happy just looking at them!

Decedent Scarves
Je t’aime scarves! They can do wonders for any outfit and completely change your outlook on the day.

I am seriously lusting after a delicious Hermès silk / cashmere scarf to be the icing on my wardrobe cake.  Hermès scarves are woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. Hand-painted using multiple silk screens, they are truly works of art! Only two scarf collections are released by Hermès each year, along with re-prints of the most popular designs and limited editions. Since 1937, Hermès have released over 2500 scarf designs, the most recognised being their equestrian creations. Stay posted, I feel I may need to invest in one very soon.

I love checking Net-A-Porter every Monday and Wednesday when the new pieces arrive! I am constantly adding new items to my ‘wish list’ and find it intriguing to see their buying departments picks from each designers collections. The weekly online magazine is always fresh and full of inspiring ideas.

Paris Dreaming
If you haven’t noticed from my last couple of posts, I have become a little Parisian obsessed! I adore their easy glamorous style and am trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe. Chanel tweed jackets, classic quitted bags and black, lots and lots of black … magnifique!

Tweeting on Twitter
I have become addicted to tweeting and as a nosey bunny it enables me to see what some of the people I most adore are up too! From Marc Jacobs to Dolce and Gabbana, Oprah and Vogue… I am now a tweeter! You can follow me on twitter at: .

But I would love to hear your current obsessions this summer! Who is your style crush; your essential, cannot leave home without, items or your darling new must haves! x



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  1. Thanks Maria Ana! I love your summer obsessions too! I am wearing dresses virtually everyday of the week right now! xo

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