Add a pinch of Paris to your suitcase…

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When taking a mini break to Paris you want to look chic, carefree and not like a tourist. Packing for one of the most fashionable cities in the world can be tricky.

Channel city chic in pieces which can be worn any place or time:

Think scarves, headbands and handbags! It is exactly what one needs to liven up a classic Paris inspired ensemble and show off some serious style…

Scarves can add that perfect edge to any outfit. They are also a fantastic way to incorporate pops of colour or print in amongst your black, white and grey separates. Scarves evoke an old Hollywood allure, reminiscent of iconic ladies like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. For summer, a gorgeous fine silk scarf is light weight and will also create beautiful movement on your body. Tie it elegantly around your neck, wear it as a hear accessory, drape it around your shoulders as a shawl or secure it as a belt around your waist…be creative.

If you are leaving your hotel without a scarf, then a headband is imperative! Headbands are a fashion staple and the styling possibilities are endless. From sweet headbands with bows to classic thick black bands ala Brigitte Bardot – you can glam it up, make it preppy or keep it cool and city chic. They are easy and effortless to style and will cover a multitude of hair sins. A headband is guaranteed to give every outfit a fresh twist!

When it comes to handbags you need to go iconic. Think IT bag status. The Chanel 2.55, Hermès Birkin or one of the new status Celine Classic handbags will definitely turn heads. These bags are status symbols, signs of your style tribe. These bags can change your life… not to mention how amazing they could make your trip!

Classic Separates for light summer layering
Basic classic pieces like loose dress shirts and simple black dresses – will take you from day tours around the city to evening chic. In summer, Paris when it sizzles can really turn up the Fahrenheit – light weight summer dresses will keep you cool in temperature and aesthetic.  Pack light weight cardigans that you can throw into your handbag with ease. But a darling Chanel jacket would just as easily work with your complete suitcase of looks!

Ballet Flats
I completely adore high heels and believe that they add ultra glamour and give unmistakable oomph to your look. However, you will be doing a lot, and I mean a lot, of walking in Paris. Ballet Flats enable you to explore the city of love in style and comfort. Ballet pumps can give any outfit a touch of femininity as well as cute chic. It’s all about choosing the best pair to accompany your outfit. You can never go wrong with classic black ballet flats; it’s all about finding the right ballets to suit your look and occasion.

Incorporate Monochromatic style
Parisians love, love, love black!  And no one does the sheer brilliance and simplicity of black and white dressing like them. A special thanks to Chanel for bringing this impeccable gift to the world. Keep your Paris suitcase to mainly neutral tones – think black, white and greys. Take one or two statement colour accents to bring your suitcase wardrobe together and enable you mix it up throughout your visit.

Be fierce & Fabulous
If you don’t speak the language, don’t let it interfere with your style. Always be fierce, fabulous and confident. You may even by mistaken for a local…

For ultimate Paris packing inspiration, see photos below from Olivia Palermo’s recent visit, which she sent to The Vogue Blog

Note to self: always lay my clothes out in the hotel like I am going to a fashion shoot. x

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  1. Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for your comments! I think everything Chanel is amazing! xo

  2. hey Cara! I love Paris, I’ve been there just 1 time for 1 week, but it is amazing! you know I got an idea that if you would add some “looks” to your articles as to show examples what is this French style, or photos of some pieces which are good to be a perfect look, like : shoes, bag, clothes! what do you think?

  3. I love your blog! I am moving to Paris for a year and can’t wait to invest in some of the classics you mentioned.

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