The Scarf… A Girl’s Best Friend

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Scarves can add a fantastic versatility to your wardrobe and give your outfit that extra pizzazz. Beautiful silk and cashmere scarves will earn a place in your wardrobe due to their elegance, sophistication and chameleon ability to enhance every outfit. 

Quality lightweight scarves can be worn across all seasons. These are my favourite ways to wear scarves year round:

TOP TRICKS: Make the scarf unexpected…

Accessorise your Accessories

Scarves are a wonderful way to incorporate a dash of colour or print onto a classic leather handbag. Simply tie your scarf around the strap; or if your handbag has loops or buckles, lace your scarf through and around your bag for fresh elegance.     

Scent your Scarf
There is nothing sexier than when you walk by someone and the scent of their perfume lingers behind them. To leave your mark on a room, mist your favourite fragrance onto your scarf. To do this spray your perfume into the air and wave your scarf through it. Your subtle, sexy trademark of scarf and sweet scent will make a classic statement. 

NECK SCARVES: Stick Your Neck Out…
Scarves can be worn in a number of ways enabling you to reinvent your look time and time again.  

The Classic Knot
For the traditional take on scarf style, simply tie it classically around your neck and knot it to one side. This method will look great with any outfit and occasion – from easy weekend dressing to the boardroom.

Statement Bow
Style your scarf into a flamboyant bow and make an entrance. Tie the scarf around your neck securely and use the remaining scarf fabric to make the bow. For an extra pinch of sophistication, move the bow just off centre toward your collarbone. Love this style for a sexy take on the preppy work look. Wear with a pencil shirt or Capri pants and white blouse to channel Audrey Hepburn classic chic. 

Keep it Loose and long
Simply loop a long thin scarf around your neck and let the long ends of the scarf flow. This style adds beautiful movement to your look for effortless, fresh glamour. 

The Neckerchief
The neckerchief is a great way to give your scarf a cool, city urban edge. Get a large square scarf and fold it diagonally. Once in half, knot the two ends behind your neck. Then all there is left to do is adjust the scarf in front to look its best.  Love this look with a simple white tee and jeans for laid back weekend style. 

Off the Shoulder
For old school glamour, the off the shoulder style is sassy and sophisticated. Simply pin your scarf to a sweet cardigan or glamorous coat with a lovely scarf pin or vintage brooch and swing the loose scarf over your other shoulder. The whimsical elegance of this style is reminiscent of old Hollywood movie stars like Grace Kelly. 

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HEAD SCARVES: let your hair down…
Head scarves are perfect for travelling with the roof down and for darting off for mini breaks to Paris.  

60’s Headband
This is my favourite head scarf style. Think Brigitte Bardot with messy bed hair and pure siren appeal. Simply fold your scarf into a long thin rectangle and place over your hair. Tie a knot in the scarf under your hair at the centre of your neck or just at the side. 

Hollywood Glamour
Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and many other screen goddesses made this look an iconic style. This style is pure old Hollywood glamour, especially when paired with big black sunglasses. To achieve this look fold a square shaped scarf diagonally into a triangle. Place the centre of the long flat edge at the hairline and cross the ends of the scarf together under the chin. Finally bring the ends of the scarf behind the head and tie loosely. 

Head Wrap
The head wrap has a bohemian glam feel, perfect for the beach and summer trips for ice cream. First start by folding a square scarf diagonally into a triangle and bring the centre of the long edge to the middle of your forehead. Finish by tying the ends of the triangle together tightly at the back of the head.

Some of my favourite scarf brands:
  Hermès, Pucci and Ferragamo

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  1. I love scarves too! I have few pieces in my cupboard and I can tell you I feel very amazing when I wear some colorful scarf with a simple white t- shirt and black leggings. ;) Have a nice day, dear Cara, and thank you for your LoVELY comment! ;) zuuwa

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