From the Catwalk to the High Street

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High Street Super Chain Zara has released its August 2010 Look book with clear references to the designer collections.

Taking understandable inspiration from high end design houses Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chloé and Celine; Zara’s August collection clearly shows the process of designer catwalk collection through to its high street reproduction.

This is obviously nothing new and most high street designers replicate the trends shown at fashion shows every season. As soon as there is a new trend you will be able to take it home from a high street store for a fraction of the designer price.

The downside being fabrics and threads are not of the high-end quality and generally will not last as long. Certain materials also leave themselves more open to quality differentiation, such as leather and wools / knits. Quality leather should be as smooth and soft as butter. Quality wools and knit fabrics will be softer, stronger and most likely not as itchy on your skin. After a few washes the cheaper fabric may start to fade and lose its shape. There will also be lots and lots of people out there wearing the exact same look as you.

So if you are deciding whether to buy the real thing with the Chloé leather skirt or the Zara version, think about your investment. Your Zara skirt may very well last this one season; however, your Chloé leather skirt will most likely last your lifetime and be something you can pass onto your granddaughter.

The Zara Collection… from designer catwalk to Zara…

Minimalism is one of the biggest trends for Autumn / Winter 2010. Pared down chic was most memorable at Celine were Phoebe Philo had a fashion moment. Of the collection she said “strong, powerful, reduced”. The minimalism trend is visible throughout the Zara collection where their simplicity has been drawn strongly from the Celine collection with elegant shapes, no detailing in neutral colours.

Luxe leather skirts made an impact at Celine and Chloé. Zara’s A-line leather skirt is very similar to one seen at Chloé – both with the same length, gathered in waist and visible seams horizontally round the circle of the skirt.

Chunky Knits with Skirts
Prada, Marc Jacobs and Chloé all incorporated thick textured knits within their collections. Worn with skirts falling just below the knee at Prada, the knits were belted at the waist for added definition. This has become one of the strongest looks of the Zara collection.

Long skirts, also seen across many shows, appear in the Zara collection with a loose knit jumper, similar in concept to Marc Jacobs.

Thin Belted Waists with Bows
As seen at Prada, thin belts were worn at the waist with cute bow detailing in the centre.

Other key trends within the Zara collection, which I have not pictured here:

High waisted trousers with light feminine blouse (think Chloé)
Heavy Shaggy Fur Jumper (think Chanel yeti inspired coats)
Statement Beige Minimal Coat (think Chloé and Celine)

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  1. Great post! Until I can afford to shop designer I’m so glad you create an almost identical look on the high street for a lot less!

    This whole look really reminds me of the Kiera/Sienna film The Edge of Love, the knits, mid length skirts, skinny belts and murky colours i think its very war time chic.

  2. I am all for the oversized, comfy looking sweaters! However, I’m not quite sure if I’m really into long skirts in general. As for the whole Zara thing, I guess this is a pretty common thing to do since you can’t really put a patent on fashion. And I agree with you about buying the real deal, but that can be quiiiiite expensive. So I think that is why people choose to buy the “copy” version.

  3. Thank you all for your posts! It is great to hear your thoughts!

    I love the knits! I think they look so ‘snugly chic’! xo

  4. Your blog is good. You got all the good trends there. ;)
    And that you for following me on twitter tell me if my blog is any good i’m just starting.

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