The Iconic White Shirt

Continuing with the concept of timeless pieces – the classic white shirt is another wardrobe essential that is a highly sensible investment.

Want to exude unmistakable chic? Look no further than the crisp, clean white shirt.

Fresh, sophisticated, charming– nothing evokes effortless innate style quite like the pure simplicity of a white shirt. Conjuring images of nonchalant charm and luxe minimalism, a white shirt is something every woman should call her own.

Polished yet unpretentious, the white shirt is a wardrobe must-have. Adored by many of the world’s most stylish women {just think of Audrey Hepburn in her oversized white shirt or iconic sirens such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot}, investing in a high-quality white shirt is no gamble. Always select a shirt in the highest quality fabric you can afford and in crisp cotton. A simple shape without fussy details, such as darts, in an oversized ‘masculine-inspired’ style is the epitome of chic.

With its minimal appeal, styling this wardrobe basic is easy. Think of it as a blank canvas. Wear a white shirt with a beautiful high-waisted skirt and thin belt for an effortless take on elegant dressing. Or simply throw on over jeans or popping out a fitted blazer {i.e. Rachel Zoe style}.

With a white shirt the opportunities are truly endless… xx

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