Fashion Trend- 1920’s

I spy… A Fashion Trend Coming On

1920’s Charleston Chic…

Taking inspiration from ‘Boardwalk Empire’, embrace the decadence, sophistication and allure of the 1920’s.

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is set to recreate a fashion moment, just as Mad Men has done in the past few seasons. Documenting the escapades of Atlantic City in the 1920’s, Boardwalk Empire has brought our attention back to the seduction and delight of this extraordinary fashion era.

Embrace beading, feathers, headbands and all things opulently sparkly. Think seductive slips; beaded evening gowns; dark lip colour; bouncy bob curls under cloche hats… the 1920’s is pure fashion fantasy.

Of the era, Boardwalk Empire costume designer, John Dunn, has said: “This is the first time the clothing becomes recognisable as something we would wear now. A woman could go to a party in any of these dresses and look stunning. But it’s all overlaid with hand-crafting, which adds richness and detail. The 1920s was a transition into modern clothes, but with all the embellishments of the past.”

Chanel Inspiration…

For more 1920’s inspiration, look to one of my favourite all time Chanel collections (I know that is one major statement for me a Chanel addict!) – the Chanel Resort 2010 collection (pictured above & below).

Taking place along the Venice Lido boardwalk, one of Coco Chanel’s favourite summer haunts from 1919; the Chanel Resort 2010 collection was quite simply magnificent. “I wanted to reinvent the mystique,” said Karl Lagerfeld.

The result: elegance & almost indescribable exquisite timeless beauty…

Will you embrace 1920’s chic into your wardrobe? xx

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