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Playing Dress Up… Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Katie Holmes’ has been transformed into the style icon Jackie Kennedy – her wardrobe personifying the late first lady of style…

While the ‘The Kennedys’, a four-part biopic, starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear hasn’t received the best reviews, the costumes and styling is something else entirely.

Kennedy’s chic khaki pants worn with crisp white blouses; her sophisticated White House shift dresses; as well as her iconic ballgowns – make a stylish appearance in the mini-series. Giorgio Armani recreated the iconic pink Chanel suit (pictured above left), that Kennedy wore in Dallas in Nov. 1963, the day her husband was assassinated. Costume designer, Chris Hargadon, created over 45 looks for the mini-series, which also sees a beautiful recreation of the black Oleg Cassini suit, worn by Kennedy at her husband’s funeral.

Many of you cited Jackie Kennedy as one of your favourite style icons; I would love to hear what you think of Katie Holmes’ First Lady transformation? xx

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  1. We don’t have the channel to watch the show but it looks interesting. I didn’t know that it was given bad reviews. I will have to check it out anyways, the fashion looks incredible! :)

  2. Katie Holmes looks beautiful. I love the styling it’s so chic and sophisticated.. I wish we still dressed like this today!

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