c’est la mode / That’s the fashion

Achieving Eternal Elegance

On a recent trip to Paris, I brought these fashion postcards. I love the fashions of yesteryear as well as the elegance, charisma and style of each photo’s subjects (regardless of the decade they were photographed in). While considering their ‘jena se qua’ or something special you cannot quite place, I started thinking of elegance – what it is, who has it and how to achieve it?

Elegance never goes out of style. Yet natural elegance is difficult to emulate. It is innate. What makes someone elegant? Is it their clothes, style, behaviour? Maybe it is how they hold themselves and their self-belief? Icons of poise and sophistication – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, to name but a few – ticked all of those boxes. And their elegance is timeless – continuing to inspire and delight today. After consideration, my prerequisites of elegance are:

>> Authentic to oneself
>> Confident, positive and happy
>> A beautiful smile
>> Graceful with prefect posture
>> Gracious, polite and kind
>> Always clean, neat and fresh
>> Style – always choosing fashion that looks best on them
>> Wearing clothes of the highest quality available to them
>> Making an effort to look their best whatever the occasion
>> Fragrance, make-up, hair and accessories are an extension of their style
>> Sets an example in fashion, etiquette and sophistication
>> Is completely unique

What is elegance to you? Who do you consider to be elegant? xx

9 responses to “c’est la mode / That’s the fashion

  1. these photos are so nice. i love them
    thanks so much for sharing.
    hope youre having a wonderful weekend.
    thanks for stopping by me


  2. You’re so right about the elegance part. Because there’s not much skin showing, beauty is viewed through the eyes of the beholder and so the clothes are made secondary.

  3. Elegance never goes out of style.

    So true. Great topic.. I was invited to a barbecue a couple of weeks ago.. My friend who invited me is 46, I am 43, his parents and children were there too amongst about 20 other people.. I was in a Maddox Jeans and slim fit Brooksfield shirt.. The kids were in baggy shorts and 3 quarter cargo pants, t-shirts and bolleys.. his parents were dressed as if they were at a dance party on a casino cruise ship.. I asked the old man: Spiros, it’s only a lunch barbie.. a bit over-dressed.. don’t you reckon, mate? He said: you guys want to look good, and you do… us, we just want to be elegant.

  4. Elegance is such a lost art!! Graciousness and well grounded etiquette I think really sets stylish persons apart from the rest (my mother would call it ‘breeding!’) how amazing is the pic with the seamstresses!

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