Zesty Orange

Like your orange juice freshly squeezed? Or do you prefer the allure of a tequila sunrise – cheerful, zesty orange is the toast of Summer…

Whether you choose to wear this vivid hue on your cheeks, eyes, lips, nails or clothes; orange is perfect for achieving that warm Summer glow.

Orange is Summer’s beauty bright. While it can be a little less shocking then fire engine red or eye-popping pink – the perfect shade can be positively mesmerising. Peach shades look lovely and romantic, while tangerine is bold and brilliant.

At Cacharel, orange nails added a burst of colour to this chic collection; while at Anna Sui all the focus was placed on the eyes. Creamy orange eye shadow brought  tangerine flair to pretty faces. At Erdem orange bee-stung lips were positively mouth watering.

When adding orange to your make-up palate be sure to keep the rest of your tones simple – with all focus leading to your burst of orange zest.

Will you get your dose of Vitamin C? xx

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