Uptown Style File…

The Divine Carrie Bradshaw

Last night I re-watched the last two episodes of Sex and the City Season 6 (An American Girl In Paris (Part Une) and An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux)) and my love affair with Carrie Bradshaw’s impeccable style has been reignited with a sensational passion!

I have become utterly enchanted with her take on chic, whimsical Parisian dressing.

From classic black and white stripes (pictured above); to her breathtaking evening gown (pictured right); to that romantic polka dot red dress in which Carrie eats decedent desserts  – the fashion and styling is these two episodes alone is très magnifique!  

Love, Love, Love Carrie’s Parisian wardrobe and the alluring, intoxicating beauty of the ‘City Of Lights’…

Which fictional character is your most stylish? xx


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9 responses to “Uptown Style File…

  1. I would have to agree with you. Ms Bradshaw sure knows how to dress! I don’t think I have seen her in an outfit I didnot like.

  2. if anyone says Blair W, Serena V or even Holy Golightly, i’ll probably scream…heheheh
    if anyone says the Friends girls, I’ll scream louder….
    Watching the 70s Charlies Angels ATM – loving their look…

  3. wow. I watched exact same episodes last night to! I love her blue coat. So I have to agree with you Carrie Bradshaw is my no 1.

  4. SJP always looks amazing..think I may have to re watch those episodes too! Still have serious “closet” envy over the dressing room Mr Big organised for her! Plus even though I love London, Paris has huge place in my heart……just love it x

  5. This is scary as I watched the same episodes yesterday and thought exactly the same thing. Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of effortless, timeless chic. GREAT minds do think alike :) Merci!

  6. I don’t care what anyone says.. I love Blair Waldorf”s style! I think she is amazing.. Everything she wears is so luxurious and chic!! <3

  7. All the sex and the city girls are fabulous (miranda not so much)!! I love the bold colours that they always wore! I get chills when they all walk down the sidewalk together in the finale and in the movies aswell!! So fabulous!

  8. She is pure fashion greatness. Carrie Bradshaw has for years been the greatest fictional character ever and someone I truely would love to be. Fab Blog Cara, just great!! There’s plenty of fashion icons that I believe to be a cut above the rest and Carrie Bradshaw is in the top 5!! xx

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