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Travelling In Style…

Dear lovelies,

In just a couple of hours, I will be jetting off on a one week adventure to Thailand. Having never been to this exotic destination before, I am a flutter with excitement of what to expect; what I will experience; and the fashionable finds that await me.

I will be making travel updates via the Uptown Twirl Twitter and hope to post some of my experiences online soon! Usual daily fashion posts will resume within the week.

Bon Voyage, Love & Kisses,
Cara xx

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Travelling In Style…

Looking to the chic jet setting ladies of today and yesteryear, here are some of the stylish travellers I have been taking inspiration from.

What is your favourite holiday destination? xx

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5 responses to “Style Inspiration

  1. Barcelona!! I just loove being there actually I’m going to visit barcelona this year between 20-22 May and im just overexcited
    Have a nice time in Thailand

  2. I have no special luggage- it is just navy lol. Luggage can be so expensive especially when you have to pay to check them in now! :( I make it up with a cute outfit- hehe

    I have been to Hawaii and Mexico. I guess they are considered exotic destinations. It is absolutely gorgeous there and you will love the warm tropic air.

    Safe travels and have fun! :)

  3. That’s a great post, Audrey looks so chic, and Naomi looks like such a diva but in a good way ^^
    My favorite destination would probably be Japan, the Halong Bay, Koh Samui and Africa and Europe. I just think they are so many beautiful places to see in the world ^^

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