On The 2nd Day Of Christmas…

Stylish Party Etiquette This Festive Season

Style extends beyond what you wear. True style emulates from how you hold yourself, your actions towards others and your charisma.

Iconic women from Grace Kelly to Diana, Princess Of Wales became renowned for their timeless beauty, elegance and style.  Each of these women – captivating the world with their natural charm and innate kindness – attributes that continue to inspire and delight today.

With the approach of the festive season comes an assortment of parties, gatherings and events to attend. Whether it is a work function, an intimate dinner party or a beautiful Christmas ball – party etiquette plays a monumental part in how people see and regard you.

 Circulate, Oozing Intelligence

When you arrive at the party be sure to circulate and speak with as many people as you can. Catch up with close friends; reunite with old acquaintances; and meet new people.

Embrace The Gift Giving Season

A stylish guest must never arrive empty-handed. From wine to champagne, flowers to chocolate – presenting your guest with a gift this festive party season exudes goodwill and kindness.

Arrive Fashionably Late {well just a little late}

Give your hosts time to prepare their party, finish setting up and getting ready. Arrive at least 15minutes late to avoid awkwardly waiting for your host to finish dressing.

Keep your Conversation Appropriate

Parties are the perfect occasions to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Light-hearted, joyful conversations are the order of the day.

Most importantly don’t be a wallflower. Hold your own with captivating conversation and stylish allure… xx

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