“Should I buy things that are on sale?”

When you go into a sale it is important think long and hard about the pieces you are tempted to buy. Are you making the purchase for the sake of saving a couple of pounds or does the item: 

1.  Suit you and compliment your body shape
2.  Represent your style and image – the person you want to portray to the world

I always think of this… why is this store having a sale? Mostly it is because they want to make way for the newest pieces and what is on trend right now. So is what you are about to buy in fashion anymore?

Now this isn’t to say I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE a good sale!  All I am saying is… you need to buy what you love! Start accumulating a wardrobe that makes you proud to be you. It makes you jump out of bed every morning and run to your closet and go out looking, feeling and being beautiful!

As the fabulous Fashion Guru Gok always says “Shop less and wear more”.


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