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Inspired By The Stylish Starlet – Lana del Rey

With a Mulberry bag named after her; several magazine covers to her name; & having walked the prestigious Met Gala Red Carpet; Lana del Rey’s unique retro style has already had quite the impact on the world of fashion.

For the May issue of Style Singapore, the magazine pays tribute to Lana del Rey’s bold, alluring Old-Hollywood style. (Look closely and you will see it is not actually del Rey but a perfectly styled model!)

As the muse for the editorial, del Rey’s vintage-inspired style is emulated by a model and retro pieces (the singer herself might wear!) from the Spring / Summer collections.

Combining showgirl glitz, sweet feminine dresses and heavy costume jewellery; del Rey has described her own style as “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra”

For this editorial, the model wears pieces by Marc Jacobs, Dries van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Marni and more… 

Are you a fan of Lana del Rey’s Style?

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4 responses to “Editorial Feature

  1. I love Lana Del Ray’s style and look! She has a beautiful knack for looking so sensual and intense without having to take all of her clothes off and personally, I have a ton of respect for that. Keep up the great work Cara!
    <3, L.

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