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Christmas Special Offer

Receive 8 Gift Cards with every purchase from this Christmas

Delight in a sprinkling of bold, chic, red holiday cheer this festive season.

Purchase a print from The Woman Of Paris Collection or the NEW Red / Rot / Rouge Collection before Christmas and receive these charmingly chic gift tags as our special gift to you.

Perfect for adding an unexpected splash of iconic charm to your wrapping this festive season or a charming gift to keep all your own – the gift cards feature  daring splashes of red, bold black lines and clean white to evoke a vivid Christmas palette.

A piece from the NEW Red / Rot / Rouge Collection or The Woman Of Paris Collection will bring a stylish touch of grandeur to your home or office. Each piece is signed and numbered and printed on high quality art paper. Postage and handling is included.

The Red / Rot / Rouge Collection will be launching online within the next couple of days… so watch this space.

Happy Holidays! xx

p.s. To get started shopping The Woman Of Paris Collection please click here… 

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  1. These look so beautiful! Three of my favourite things, fashion, Christmas and lots of gifts,, amazing!

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