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A chic clutch is the new ‘must-read’ accessory. What a novel idea!

Held by highly fashionable lovelies Clémence Poésy, Michelle Williams, Tilda Swinton, Natalie Portman and more; the novel clutch is a truly charming accessory.

Bookworms unite! This bookish trend evokes a chic, polished and insolent nonchalance. Perfect for the red carpet (or everyday… if I got my little mitts on one!), a novel clutch is a perfect celebration of classic literature, fashion and the timeless clutch.

From Olympia Le-Tan’s novel creations (seen on the arm of Poésy, Williams, Swinton and Portman) to Kate Spade’s vivid book brilliance – you are certain to find the perfect story to compliment your style. From ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to ‘The Catcher In The Rye’; ‘Love Story’; ‘Emma’; ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ and so many more; wear your favourite heroines on your sleeve and showcase your love of the classics.

Wonderfully whimsical, quirky and fun – novel clutches are très chic!

Would you tote a clutch of your favourite novel? xx


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