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She’s Got Brigitte Bardot Eyes

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Few icons in history have channelled pure siren appeal like Brigitte Bardot. With her bold sexy eye make-up, unkept bed hair and smoldering pout – men adore her while women around the world aspire to emulate her beauty. Several Fall 2010 shows revisited this classic look with an edgy, modern take. Versace and Blumarine were two shows enhanced by this sharp make-up look. At Versace the look was toned down while at Blumarine the eyes took a turn on the dramatic side.

You too can capture some of the essence of Bardot with minimal fuss. Use black eyeliner that is blended out at the corner of the eye. Add mascara; make it heavier around the outer eye. Meanwhile keep skin light and dewy with minimal product for a clean sophisticated look. Use a pretty soft pink lip-gloss for overall perfection.

Thinking about Bardot (the goddess who often makes me contemplate growing my hair into a similar mane of blonde flowing locks), is undoubtedly a fashion icon. I have included below images of some of my favourite of her looks…

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