A Stylish Accessory Gift Guide Your Loved Ones Will Cherish

This Christmas, give a gift which could stylishly assist in transforming your loved one’s wardrobe…

A Timeless Scarf

A beautiful silk or cashmere scarf will earn their place in any wardrobe due to their elegance, sophistication and chameleon ability to enhance every outfit.

A high-quality lightweight scarf can be worn across all seasons and the styling possibilities are truly endless… from the classic knot to loose and long or even as a hair accessory.

A Long Strand Of Pearls

Pearls are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to a timeless look.

The Latin word for Pearl literally means ‘unique’, testament to the fact that no two are identical. With their warm iridescence and shimmering beauty; pearls can even lift the complexion and give skin a subtle glow.

Statement Sunglasses

Frame a pretty face and evoke movie star appeal with a pair of statement-making sunglasses.

Sunglasses exude unmistakable allure and create a dash of drama. When choosing a pair, think the bigger the better and in classic shades of black or tortoise shell for universal appeal.

An Umbrella To Brighten A Grey Day

Shelter your loved one from the rain in style. As the most practical accessory available, an umbrella needn’t be mundane.

Stylish, fun and fashionably delightful, embrace classic colourful stripes, illustrated city scenes or darling florals.

What is your favourite gift to give this holiday season? xx

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