Hound’s-Tooth, Checks & Tweed

Understated, refined and evoking a sexy Highland charm… call checkmate on Hound’s-Tooth, Tweed and Tartan

Appearing on the runway at Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta, geometric prints are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Worn by stylish women for decades, the classic Hound’s-Tooth, Tweed and Tartan prints are truly iconic. From Twiggy to Dita Von Teese – checks needn’t be conservative.

 Polished and elegantly eye-catching, checkerboard prints exude an effortlessly sophisticated appeal.

Black, red and cream are the classic combinations. If your print is especially busy, be sure to keep the volume and cut simple and streamlined for a flattering silhouette. For a bold statement, wear with a contrasting print. A different coloured check or even a delicate floral pattern could create a memorable fashion moment.  

Houndstooth Inspiration…

Would you wear a little Houndstooth dress? xx

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