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First Winner Announced

The first winner of Uptown Twirl’s ‘The Woman Of Paris’ Competition is…

Sara Cameron!

Congratulations Sara! You have won a print of ‘La Magnifique Vue De Paris’!

About La Magnifique Vue De Paris
Elegance and glamour never goes out of style. Neither does an extraordinary view. Standing on her quaint balcony overlooking the picturesque French buildings and the grand Tower Eiffel, the woman poses in her chic black gown and sunglasses.

The second winner will be announced on Uptown Twirl shortly.

Happy Thursday!

Love Cara xx

2 responses to “First Winner Announced

  1. Wow! I am absolutely thrilled to have won a print of yours Cara! I am a huge fan of your work. What wonderful news to have today.
    Much love xxx

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