“Should I Follow Fashion Trends?”

If you are going to follow trends, it is important you choose the ones which best suit your style and aesthetic. Trends change quickly. Purchasing trend based pieces that will fit within your current wardrobe and not look dated within a couple of weeks is important. That way you can adopt some of your favourite trend pieces and mix them up with your long standing looks.

And realize that a lot of today’s high fashion looks don’t translate well to all real life experiences. Decide which looks you love and work for your lifestyle – consider where you live and your style.

Imperatively find trends that suit your body shape. Being true to your body shape and embracing the way you look, will always far out way and look much better on you then any trend.


4 responses to “FASHION VIDEO – TRENDS

  1. These were great tips! Especially the skinny jeans. I just don’t look good in them. It’s strange that I can get away with leggings, but even jeggings are out of the question for me. Your awesome! Keep up the videos they are great.

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