Timeless Style (2)Timeless Style | Uptown Twirl - Part 2


What I Wore..

Wearing this gorgeous Carla Zampatti dress… my hair actually done; jewellery chosen specifically for my outfit; heels on my feet and not reconsidered at the last minute; and an actual handbag {not a baby nappy bag}… was the first time since mid-pregnancy I felt like myself again {in a fashion sense that is}.

To pin point this, I think it was a feeling of ‘put together’… as each element had been given thought and carefully considered. A sense of composure and confidence in knowing I looked how I wanted to look at that moment.

For me glamour and even more so innate style, is all about the finer details. The tender care that is placed into finding the right earring or those extra minutes taken to ensure your make up is just so. Because for me, style is a delicate combination of elegance and confidence with a splash of je ne sais quo {or something special you cannot quite place}.
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Defining Your Style

I believe every woman can be iconic every day…

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe will live forever as three of the most iconic women the world has ever seen. Renowned for their timeless style, sophistication and beauty, they captivated the world with their natural elegance and charisma – still continuing to inspire and delight today.

Each of these women had an innate sense of style and knew their best assets.

Defining your style and making conscious decisions while shopping {pieces that are timeless, long-lasting and represent you}, can secure your status as the ‘leading lady in your own life’.

I believe every woman can be iconic every day. That igniting style and effortless glamour from within is all about knowing oneself and having the confidence to do so.

Some of the ‘Style Points’ I try to live by include:

>> Be authentic to oneself
>> Be confident, positive and happy
>> Always smile
>> Be graceful and maintain good posture
>> Be gracious, polite and kind
>> Always keep clean, neat and fresh
>> Choose pieces which look best on me
>> Wear clothes of the highest quality
>> Make an effort to look my best everyday whatever the occasion
>> Fragrance, make-up, hair and accessories are an extension of my style and require equal consideration
>> Be unique

What is ‘style’ to you? xx


Back To Basics

Lately Fashion has been getting back to basics. And what is more of a wardrobe fundamental then the classic white tee?

An essential component in every capsule wardrobe, the humble cotton tee has recently received somewhat of a style makeover. It’s back onto the runway… with a fresh sophistication and timeless appeal.

On the Spring / Summer 2012 runways, designers revisited the unexpected – rethinking the shape, silhouette and styling of the classic cotton tee. Innovative and beautiful results ensued.

At Balmain a casual white tee was teamed with a couture-worthy high-waisted skirt. While at Balenciaga, the tee was transformed in silhouette for effortless, sporty chic.

But how will you incorporate such a minimal look into your wardrobe? Style the classic cotton tee with a beautiful high-waisted skirt and thin belt for an effortless take on polished dressing.

Polished, fresh and unpretentious, the cotton tee is a wardrobe must-have. 

Will you revisit the humble white tee? xx


photos from style.com

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