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Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger Exudes Old-Hollywood Glamour

Evoking timeless elegance; Kruger’s classic style is perfectly refined – from exquisite red carpet beauty to weekend chic.

Sighting Karl Lagerfeld as a ‘stepfather’ figure – Diane Kruger is the epitome of chic. The German born beauty has previously modelled as the face of Chanel; been a global spokesmodel for L’Oréal; and appeared across countless best dressed lists.

While she does have a soft spot for Chanel couture; Kruger isn’t afraid to take risks on the red carpet. Whether embracing a vibrant colour or choosing classic black and white, Kruger’s beauty radiates from within. Often acting as her own stylist, hair and make-up artist for red carpet events, Kruger is fluent in the language of effortless style.

“I truly, genuinely like clothes. Making them is an art form, and wearing them is a form of self-expression. I find it very emotional because I can remember moments in my life—my mood, how I felt—through these clothes.” – Diane Kruger

Do you covet Diane Kruger’s style? xx

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Uptown Style File…

The Divine Carrie Bradshaw

Last night I re-watched the last two episodes of Sex and the City Season 6 (An American Girl In Paris (Part Une) and An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux)) and my love affair with Carrie Bradshaw’s impeccable style has been reignited with a sensational passion!

I have become utterly enchanted with her take on chic, whimsical Parisian dressing.

From classic black and white stripes (pictured above); to her breathtaking evening gown (pictured right); to that romantic polka dot red dress in which Carrie eats decedent desserts  – the fashion and styling is these two episodes alone is très magnifique!  

Love, Love, Love Carrie’s Parisian wardrobe and the alluring, intoxicating beauty of the ‘City Of Lights’…

Which fictional character is your most stylish? xx


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Uptown Style File…

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo = Très Magnifique

With an exquisite eye for detail, Olivia Palermo is one of the most immaculately groomed, stylish women in the world today.

Gravitating toward the classics – her Hermès Birkin is a staple – Olivia Palermo’s style is timeless chic and effortlessly glamorous.

Putting glamour into the everyday, Palermo’s confident take on laid-back tailoring and feminine style is refreshingly polished. It is after all her impeccable taste and style that regularly sees her top the best dressed lists around the world. The New York City socialite has become one of the most watched style icons of today.

“Fashion is something that interests me on a daily basis – it started when I would see my mother and aunt get dressed up and go out at night in the city.” – Olivia Palermo

The realty TV starlet has previously collaborated with Roberta Freymann to create a series of hand embroidered bib necklaces.  She has been featured in countless magazines, graced the cover of ASOS Magazine and Tatler – who also named her “Girl of the Year”.

Getting the ‘Olivia Palermo’ Look:

To channel the divine Olivia Palermo, opt for timeless basics. Classic essentials that consistently appear in her wardrobe, include;

>> The classic striped shirt
>> Cute ballet flats
>> Tailored jackets and blazers
>> Trench Coat
>> Slim fit trousers
>> The Little white dress (as well as the little black dress)
>> Black tights
>> Statement handbag (preferably Palermo’s Hermès Birkin)

Of her must have items, Palermo has previously said; “I can’t live without my YSL Tribute heels and my Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Everybody thinks it’s the clothing that makes an outfit, but more often than not it’s the accessories.”

Combining her fashion-know-how with immaculate grooming, the other essentials to Olivia Palermo’s style, include – bouncy glossy hair, perfectly flawless make-up, manicured nails and an eye for amazing accessories (particularly to-die-for cocktail rings!)

Do you covet Olivia Palermo’s style? xx

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