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Couture Fashion Week has hit Paris!

Couture Fashion Week showcases the world’s most exquisitely detailed, breathtakingly beautiful, handcrafted gowns.

The fantasy-based aesthetic of couture, means no time or expense is spared in creating these spectacular pieces. Haute couture dresses are handmade in Paris, either by the designer or the teams of skilled seamstresses and craftspeople in the ateliers. From Chanel to Dior, Valentino to Jean Paul Gaultier, there is nothing as magical or enchantingly beautiful as couture.

The Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011 Collection

John Galliano is renowned for creating spectacular, indescribable beauty. And the Spring 2011 couture collection is the epitome of this.

Taking inspiration from the elegance, beauty and radiance of René Gruau’s illustrations, Galliano celebrated the very essence of Dior’s history. As the Dior Illustrator, Gruau created a fresh ideal of female beauty and captured a new mood of post-war optimism. Gruau’s bold lines and simple yet daring use of colour are reflected perfectly in this dynamic collection.

Long gloves, striking red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows and elongated feminine silhouettes = the ingredients fashion dreams are made of…

Are you loving or loathing the Dior Couture Spring 2011 collection? xx

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Art In Fashion

Dior Illustrated: René Gruau & the Line of Beauty

René Gruau created some of the most iconic and beautiful fashion images of the 20th century.

A collection of René Gruau’s stunning illustrations for Christian Dior are currently being showcased at Somerset House in London.

Together with his friend Christian Dior, Gruau created a fresh ideal of female beauty and captured a new mood of post-war optimism. With bold lines and simple yet daring use of colour, Gruau’s illustrations ignite immediate elegance and sophistication; bestowing his subjects with a certain je ne sais quoi’. Often focusing in on the small details of everyday life – such as the woman leaning her face on her hand (pictured above) – he perfectly captured moments in time.

Featuring 40 original Gruau illustrations, the collection is breathtakingly beautiful and a must see for those who love this iconic French Fashion house. Illustrations featured include a selection of those created for Dior Parfums and of Haute Couture Dior dresses handpicked by John Galliano. Of René Gruau, John Galliano has said:

“To be inspired by Dior is to be inspired by René Gruau. His sketches capture the silhouette and spirit of Dior and a new era of fashion and femininity. His illustrations are timeless, ever youthful, ever faithful to the moment he saw; they capture the energy, the sophistication and daring of Dior, and equally are a token of an enduring friendship.”

For details of  Dior Illustrated: René Gruau and the Line of Beauty,  please visit:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx