Editor’s Letter

A Cara Gray Sneak Peek

I am very excited to give you an ‘up-close’ sneak peek at a second piece from ‘The Woman Of Paris’ collection.

I am finalising my online store at present and the description on this piece will read:

Walking down a quintessential Parisian street, the woman stops to take in the sweet intoxicating delights of a local patisserie. The aroma; the delectable pastries; and a whimsically romantic dress = an afternoon of inspiration and delight…

Happy Tuesday! xx

Editor’s Letter

An Important Message

I hope you all have a truly magical Christmas and a fabulously fashionable New Year where all of your dreams come true.

A very special thank you for all of your wonderful support over the past year.

Lots of Love
Cara xoxo

Editor’s Letter, Fashion Illustration

Editor’s Letter

CaraGray.com Artwork Revealed

I am very excited to announce the CaraGray.com website temporary page has been launched online with a full preview of my first fashion art piece!

My online store will be launching early in the New Year. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Love Cara xx

>> Click here to visit CaraGray.com

p.s. be sure to sign up to my email newsletter when you visit CaraGray.com

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